Private tour guide in Old Town Municipality who speaks Srpski (native), English, Македонски, Русский - Mara Gogoska

Mara Gogoska
First visit: 26 August 2017
Last visit: 04 February 2018
Old Town Municipality, Republic of Serbia
Srpski (native), English, Македонски, Русский
since 1985
I am a licensed tour guide since 1985. working in English, Russian, Serbian, Macedonian languages. The city in which I live is Belgrade, Serbia, but my origins are Macedonian. I am perfectly familiar with all EX Yu republics.
Based on my long experience working as a guide, I can make you enjoy finding more about history, art, nature, tradition, and cuisine…whatever you are interested in in Belgrade, Serbia, Ex Yugoslavia.

After graduating at Faculty of turizmology 1985. – long time ago, ha?, I’ve started working as a travel guide all over Yugoslavia and other surrounding countries. In the meantime I worked as projet and sales manager in travel agencies to. Now, I love introducing guests with interesting city of Belgrade, with Serbia and it’s nature, historical and art heritage - many of which are on UNESCO list, tradition, Serbian exquisite cuisine, way the people live…

Individual guests, small groups wanting private tours and excursions, large groups arriving by plain or coach … you are welcome! Need transfers, vehicle for the tours and excursions, accommodation assistance – apartments, hotels of different category …let me know what you need and I will assist you.

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