Piera Socini
First visit: 13 December 2018
Last visit: 14 December 2018
Piera Socini
Florence, Italy
Italiano (native), English, Español, French
since 1987
Later there were years of interruption for various reasons. I've been living on the beautiful Tuscan hills for some years now and it's now time to resume my profession as a tour guide. In addition to the classic Florence Tours I have added others beyond the city, such as the Valdarno, Casentino and part of the Chianti area. These tours beyond the city are combined with cultural experiences or outdoor activities that, as we know, benefit the health of the body and mind.
Florence, the city where I grew up has always been the number one in my interests. After the higher studies I continued to study its history, its most famous aspects and the characteristics that distinguish it from every other Italian city.

At the time of the preparation course for the exam to practice the profession was added the experience of my grandmother, one of the first truly skilled guides in Florence; they called her the Michelangelo of the guides. I was reading her notebooks full of precious notes, her advice and her enthusiasm.
In the early years I enjoyed driving tourists to Florence and learning to understand what they like to know.

Florence has many monuments, history and various attractions. Difficult to list them. These are just some of those with whom I am ready to acquaint you with pleasure and love for my hometown:
- Tuscan Hills,
- Valdarno guided nature excursions,
- Valdarno places of interest, wine tastings and farms,
- Valdarno Paragliding and panoramas,
- Casentino Famous places and tales recited,
- Chianti Casle and wine tasting.

In addition, there are still excursions in Florence 2-5 hours,
Florence Tour and Culinary Class, Florence and Venice,
Florence and Carrara.
I would be glad to introduce you to my hometown, where the air itself is saturated with history.

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