Abdulaziz Abbas is a local tour guide in Ha'il and the surrounding area

Abdulaziz Abbas
First visit: 20 December 2023
Last visit: 20 December 2023
Ha'il, Saudi Arabia
العربية (native), English,
since 2010
Unearth Hail's History and Art. From Old Town to Contemporary Creativity. Join me for a day of culture and discovery!
I was born in Hail region ( north of Saudi Arabia ) more than 4 decades ago. I love to meet people from all over the world to share amazing experiences. I will bring you to explore Old City to Modern City of Hail, Museum, Art Center and Exhibition, as well as Experience the Nature e.g exploring thousands of Inscriptions, caves, camping ground, Aqdah village also inside and outside of Hail city.

I would love to adjust the trip based on your custom itenary. Personalized trip is well accepted

Let's explore and get the amazing moments of your life!

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