Ahmed Goda is a local tour guide in Luxor, Egypt speaking العربية (native), English

Ahmed Goda
First visit: 17 October 2023
Last visit: 17 October 2023
Luxor, Egypt
العربية (native), English
since 2022
The West Bank is a necropolis of Egypt in the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties of Egypt's Golden Age around 1500 BC. BC Areas: Valley of the Kings. Hatshepsut Temple. Habou Temple. Deir El Madinah. Valley of Quenns. Please note: - The above area is available for visiting during the day and travelers can visit 2 places per day in about 4 hours - Meet at Winter Palace Hotel, Cornish el Nile Street - I will be holding a sign with the walker's name and GuruWalk.
My name is Ahmed Goda , i working as a tour guide since one year ago , i have experience in hospitality for 11 years , i used to work as a concierge service forva five years in Luxor city and area around , i am 35 years old , i working as English tour guide, working as a local guide is one from my hobbies as i am so intereted for meeting people from different countries and i will be so pleased if anyone choose me to help him

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