Albert Mtui is a local tour guide in Bondeni and the surrounding area

Albert Mtui
First visit: 31 August 2021
Last visit: 02 October 2023
Bondeni, Tanzania, United Republic of
English (native),
since 2008
1. Trekking to Mt.Kilimanjaro,Kenya and Meru 2. Biking tours • Moshi town biking tour-this tour takes 2-3 hours exploring different angle of moshi town with the best view of the kilimanjaro and its daily activities. • Coffee plantation biking tour-Kilimanjaro region is very famous for producing coffee so this tour will take you to the plantations and made you explore how coffee is made,this can be done around Tchibo Estate and it takes 4-5 hours. • Coffee and Waterfalls biking tour-Materuni is one of village found near mt. kilimanjaro and it has a best(longest 80m) and beautful waterfall in the region.By biking all the way to the waterfall you will be able to cool down yourself by swimming in the waterfalls and later warm up by having a hot coffee which is prepared by the local people who lives near the mountain.This is full day activity. • Hot springs via Sugarcane plantation-By doing this tour you will be able to explore another country side of moshi which has sugar canes plantation and Sugar factory which is well known as TPC then keep biking to Rundugai village where this amazing hot spring is found and being able to swim.This is also a full day tour.
I like to meet people with passion to adventure, open minded and easy to interact, I've been working as freelancer for over 12 years guiding people from all over Tanzania and zanzibar,

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