Aleksandar Ristanovic is a local tour guide in Amsterdam, Netherlands speaking Slovak (native), Bosanski , Čeština, English, Hrvatski, Nederlands, Srpski

Aleksandar Ristanovic
First visit: 27 January 2023
Last visit: 25 March 2024
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Slovak (native), Bosanski , Čeština, English, Hrvatski, Nederlands, Srpski,
since 1999
As the tour guide I work already 25 years. Within last 15 years I am specialized for the groups and /or individual visits and guides within states of Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg ) . My clients are mostly for interested for daily city tours in bigger cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg (city) but not only - "smaller cities" such as Rotterdam, Delft, Volendam, Zaanse Schans, Den Hague, Waterloo, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, natural tourist attractions, architectural attractions, historical places and religious heritage anywhere else within the area could be organized and guided depending on your wishes.
My "mission" and something that I wish is that everything I experienced here, learn about "low countries people mentality", their ordinary lives, knowledge about their history, culture, language, customs, dishes and much more matters related with rich Dutch and Flemish national being share with you, my customers. ...and along with that to help you to create your own view and experience on heritage, events, matters, social life in this part of Europe.

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