ALFREDO delaCruz is a local tour guide in Morelia, Mexico, who speaks Español (native), English

ALFREDO delaCruz
First visit: 17 August 2018
Last visit: 28 November 2023
Morelia, Mexico
Español (native), English
since 1995
Join me to watch millions of Monarch Butterflies, to the winter site listed as one of Mexico’s 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites from 2008. Working for the Ministry of Tourism in central Mexico, I have been driving tours the last 25 years. I provide transportation & private tours for couples or families and specialize in one-day trips, tailor-made tours and small groups under 20 going to main tourist attractions in central Mexico: Angangueo, Bernal, Guanajuato, Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, Morelia, Paricutin Volcano, Pátzcuaro, Queretaro, San Miguel Allende, Teotihuacan & Zitácuaro. Mail me to send you my proposal of tours we can do day by day from the airport!
I'm a local expert Tour Guide to Spanish learning students from all over the world. I used to guide people looking for locations to BBC London, Discovery Channel, Mexico Desconocido, National Geographic Magazine, People & Arts & Travel TV Canada, and travel writers to “Masa Acher” Israel, "Partiamo" Italy, Frommer’s, LA Times, The Miami Herald, NY Daily News, etc. as well. Please read one testimonial: "Alfredo, having been guided (and misguided) by people from Katmandu to Cuzco, I can say with authority that you’re el mejor! Thanks so much for a diverting Noche de los Muertos and all the other nights & days too. I will always cherish our trip. All the best!" George Rush. NY Daily News 2005.

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