Allen Gill is a local tour guide in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, who speaks English (native), עברית

Allen Gill
First visit: 09 February 2019
Last visit: 08 November 2022
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
English (native), עברית
since 2016
Welcome to your Israel Tour Experience! Israel Is the land where It ALL happened! So many sights to see, so many experiences to absorb! Join me for an expedition to the heart, history, sights and flavours of Israel!
Allow me to Introduce myself. My name Is Allen, and aside from being your tour guide I am, more Importantly, a proud father, and young grandfather!
Born in the USA, I have made "Aliya" (If you are not familiar with the term, I will gladly explain It when we meet!) as a child, and I have lived In the beautiful land of Israel ever since.
When I decided to embark on the assignment of mediating Israel and Its sights, heritage and history-It was with a clear sense that your needs, Interests and desires are my first and foremost goal. Native English speaker, I have lived In this country most of my life and love It dearly.
Being a tour guide is not only a vocation, but also a profession. To meet the requirements I have completed the certification studies, and I carry a state license to practice as an official tour guide!
It Is my true wish to bring to life the thousands of years of history, conquests and defeats, religions and cultures-to make YOUR visit as meaningful and enjoyable as I possibly can.
Lets embark on a fascinating journey together!

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