Aminudin Myani is a local tour guide in Pontianak, Indonesia, who speaks Bahasa Indonesia (native), English

Aminudin Myani
First visit: 26 September 2018
Last visit: 26 September 2018
Pontianak, Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia (native), English
since 2011
Pontianak and Singkawang city tour, snorkeling or diving at Lemukutan island, Randayan island and kabung island. Go to Sea Turtle nesting beach at temajok, explore mangrove, and rain forest
Hello..iam Amin
i become local guide since 2011 for axplore lemukutan island with diving and snorkeling and than become WWF volunteer to monitoring sea turtle nesting. i has travel many remote place in west borneo, place even dont show on map and now i become tour guide for city tour too

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