Amit Chandra is a local tour guide in Wrocław, Poland speaking English (native), हिन्दी, Polski

Amit Chandra
First visit: 25 April 2024
Last visit: 25 April 2024
Wrocław, Poland
English (native), हिन्दी, Polski
since 2020

From walking city tours to cultural and museum tours to day tours and multi-day excursions, I curate and lead excursions covering Poland's (and neighbouring countries) most popular tourist attractions to deliver immersive experiences to my clients.

My name is Amit Chandra, known as Whistling Hound across digital platforms. I’m a Tourism Major, Tour Curator, Photographer, Wilderness Tour Guide, Brand Storyteller, and Digital Content Marketer living in Wrocław, Poland. I speak English and Hindi fluently and have a basic understanding of the Polish language.

6 years ago, I moved to the postcard city of Wrocław in southwest Poland for my Master's in Tourism & Hospitality from the University of Wrocław. My tour-guiding journey began in the summer of 2019 in Rovaniemi Lapland, where I started as a Wilderness Tour Guide. After completing my degree in October 2020, I led guided tours in Poland and neighbouring countries (Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany).

I probably got the best head start ever as a wilderness tour guide when I began leading the best experiential tours in the Arctic, such as - Northern Lights, Husky and Reindeer Sledge Rides, Farm Visits, Lapland Barbecue, Ice Fishing, Canoeing, Midnight Sun, Berries and Mushroom Picking Tours.

Thanks to my passion for tourism and wilderness, even when I am not officially on guided tours, I love being amid unknown suburbs, savouring diverse cuisines or trading scenic trails, exploring postcard alleys, appreciating the astonishing diversity of people on the city Main Square, capturing moody skies, motifs, ancient art, or talking endlessly about the magical Aurora Borealis.

Nowadays, I curate and offer tailored tours in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, and south Poland, but not only. I also design bespoke travel itineraries for trips to the Polish Mountains, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Finland.

I am deeply passionate about storytelling, guiding curious tourists, and on-the-go ready-to-walk tourists to the best of Wrocław. I also provide my services as a travel photographer, capturing the essence of places and the perfect moments for tourists.

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