Andreas Groenewald is a local tour guide in Cape Town, South Africa speaking English (native)

Andreas Groenewald
First visit: 09 January 2019
Last visit: 03 December 2023
Cape Town, South Africa
English (native),
since 2009
I am a nature and mountain guide in the Western Cape, South Africa and I offer a wide variety of half day, full day and overnight hikes and excursions. I also offer botany, zoology geology tours focusing on the natural environment of the Cape
I am passionate about the natural environment, the geology and palaeontological history of our planet and the vast ecological interactions and relationships between the living and the non-living! Every day out in nature is a new opportunity to learn, to experience, to feel and to grow. It is all of the above that provides me with ample enthusiasm, passion, and motivation to share with people the wonders of the "Great Outdoors" on educational guided nature excursions!After 13 years in the formal environmental education field, I founded Gantouw Tours & Excursions to realize the former and live my dream as a professional nature guide.

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