Ankush Sharma is a local tour guide in Dehradun, India speaking हिन्दी (native), English

Ankush Sharma
First visit: 08 April 2024
Last visit: 08 April 2024
Dehradun, India
हिन्दी (native), English,
since 2021
Embark on adventures in the awe-inspiring Indian Himalayas with us. Whether you crave the thrill of high-altitude bike trips through Ladakh's majestic passes or dream of trekking through the remote valleys of Himachal's Spiti region, we tailor unforgettable experiences to suit your preferences. Our expert guides lead you on exhilarating bike rides along winding mountain roads and guide you through remote trails, past alpine lakes, and ancient monasteries. For those seeking the ultimate challenge, our expeditions offer the chance to conquer towering peaks reaching heights of 5k, 6k, and even 7k meters. Whatever your adventure, we ensure a seamless blend of adrenaline-pumping excitement and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Join us for a customized journey through the enchanting landscapes of the Indian Himalayas.
As a passionate outdoor enthusiast and BCom graduate, I've seamlessly blended my love for adventure with a dedication to mastering outdoor skills. With a background as an athlete and outdoor instructor, I've honed my abilities to navigate and conquer the rugged terrain of the Indian Himalayas. Certified as a mountaineer from the prestigious Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, I've embarked on countless expeditions, showcasing my expertise in high-altitude environments. Beyond my technical skills, I've served as a crucial member of search and rescue missions in the Himalayas, demonstrating resilience and resourcefulness in challenging situations. My belief in the power of nature and faith in a higher purpose drive me to continuously push boundaries and inspire others to embrace the wonders of the great outdoors.

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