Ash Kodsy is a local tour guide in Cairo, Egypt speaking العربية (native), English

Ash Kodsy
First visit: 20 December 2022
Last visit: 14 January 2024
Cairo, Egypt
العربية (native), English,
since 1990
Long Story short ; I am unique like every body else, I provide thoroughly informative guided tours to pyramids , museum , citadel , Coptic & Islamic areas, Memphis, Sakkara , Dahshour , Alexandria ,Luxor and Aswan , AC transportation , airport transfers , hotel and Nile cruises booking…etc. my goal is to offer affordable quality tours. (tours starting from $25/person including transportation) If you care to know more about me , then click the icon... #pyramids #Sakkara #Memphis #Luxor #Aswan #Nile_Cruise

For years I wanted to visit the pyramids, but living in Cairo like many of the locals you would feel this option was available any time.

Believe it or not, my first visit was when I turned 18 and got a driver’s license. That visit grow some interest in them but did not go any further till one of neighbors motivated me to join tourism university in Cairo for Egyptology academic study. I had to decide quickly as the dead line for application would terminate in 3 days.

The sarcastic issue is I applied he didn’t.

With 5000 years of recorded history, the study was like a downpour of information that was extremely hard to absorb – no wonder.

My growing passion to such civilization started to flourish and gave me a real push to continue studying. Studying Egyptology is the other way around; you need to visit sightseeing you study before reading, than go back and visit again. I made nearly 40 visits to the Egyptian museum before the life exam where any one of us would be ready to offer his presentation of any statue (few hundred of 1000s of statues in the museum).

The final “oral exam” was the real challenge where a student would be examined in the whole of Egypt history in just 4 hours. With no time to think plus the tension many of us failed.

My real passion started maturing after I had got my license and work as a professional tour guide and being able to share with my guests what I have learned (and still learning)

After 33 years performing my job with the same enthusiasm I have realized that my passion to Egyptology is endless and I have been doing the right job.

It is a blessing from God indeed.

Amazing experience! Ash is very passionate about his job and displays a wealth of knowledge. I was eager to learn more as he explained Egyptian history with well linked information. He is attentive to his guests and their intrest to make sure they have a memorable experience. I highly recommend Ash and I would definitely love to come back!
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