Basel Askar is a local tour guide in Cairo, Egypt, who speaks العربية (native), Deutsch, English

Basel Askar
First visit: 09 January 2024
Last visit: 21 February 2024
Cairo, Egypt
العربية (native), Deutsch, English
since 2022
Explore Egypt your way with my personalized tours! From ancient wonders to serene beaches, cool pools, and stunning natural gems like salt lakes, Egypt has something for everyone. And I don't just do the usual stuff - picture riding horses around the famous pyramids! With tons of amazing sights and activities, my trips are way more than just seeing Cairo. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!
Hi there! I'm a registered tour guide with Wanderlust Odysseys, ready to show you the wonders of Egypt. Over the years, I've led tours for many travelers, including famous visitors like the Rwandan Weightlifting Team (2022 African competition) and Mr. Akira, owner of Nippon TV.

I offer exciting and insightful tours at competitive prices, ensuring you get the most out of your Egyptian adventure. Let me help you experience the magic of this remarkable country!

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