Beatrice Landini is a local tour guide in Florence, Italy speaking Italiano (native), English

Beatrice Landini
First visit: 04 March 2021
Last visit: 05 April 2024
Florence, Italy
Italiano (native), English
since 2015
private tours, group tours, food tours, Italian experiences, personalized tours
I mainly share Italian stories and experiences through food, art, and culture... but food more!
Passionate, romantic, and imaginative as the name I bear, Beatrice: the eternal love of the main Italian poet, father of our language, Dante Alighieri.
As in the Divine Comedy, Beatrice is Dante’s guide in his journey through Paradise, I will guide you to discover the unique beauty and secrets of our splendid Tuscany, taking particular care in making you experience the local Italian way and fall in love with its everlasting charm.
In my young days, I've studied Archaeology and traveled the world excavating in many sites, then came back in my marvelous Florence!
I love art, books, history, cats, traveling.. but food more!! Just kidding, I adore my job and believe myself to be very lucky, meeting every day so many wonderful people from everywhere in the world and working in the most beautiful place ever ….. as a famous quote says: “if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”!!!

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