Begaly Toktobaev is a local tour guide in Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan speaking Русский (native), Deutsch, English, Türkçe, O‘zbek

Begaly Toktobaev
First visit: 01 April 2019
Last visit: 21 April 2019
Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan
Русский (native), Deutsch, English, Türkçe, O‘zbek
since 2011
I have been working as a guide/interpreter and driver since 2011 and organize tours regarding to your wishes. Trekking in the celestial mauntains of Tien Shan Ranges Horseback riding in pradise lands of shepherds/Nomads Cultural tours, discovering the life of nomads and get close to them. All inclusive: Tradition, culture, nature, adventure, hiking, horse riding And more activities up to your wishes I am here to make your trips better, come and let me help you to make your days unforgettable in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan!
It is my pleasure to welcome you to Wonderlands of nomads. My name is Beka (Begaly) from Kyrgyzstan. I love what i do, it is my air to breath and live to work in tourism, proud to be Kyrgyz and show you all such an amazing country. I fluently speak Russian, Kyrgyz, English and basic French, Turkish, German.
My skills, interests, and hobbies: Proactive, communicative hard working young man, interested in outdoor activities. Like taking picture on my phone and spending time with my family, playing with the kids.

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