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​Sightseeing with a Tour Guide or on Your Own

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Sightseeing with a Tour Guide or on Your Own

How to organize a sightseeing tour, so that the trip left best memories?

This question usually puzzles travelers. Is it better to look for sights by yourself, using maps and hand books for each interesting object (which you still have to find in an unfamiliar country) or to use professional services of a personal guide?

The Best 16 Secrets to Having the Best Budget Trip

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The Best 16 Secrets to Havin

Nothing can expandthe horizons of our mind as good traveling does. To make your trip a discovery of something beautiful, and not a confusion of circumstances, it is necessary to use some planning. If you want to plan a budget yet comfortable trip, start preparation in advance. Here are valuable tips for budget travelers

What Do You Know About Brazil?

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What Do You Know About Brazil

Brazil is magnificent, beautiful and versatile! It is infinitely diverse in its views, landscape, and climate. It is no exaggeration to say that Brazil could be interesting for every tourist. Brazil is unique in its architecture that combines a large number of historical facts and significant events. Private tourist guides of Brazil will tell about his country with love and pride.

Europe in Autumn: Some Ideas for Travel

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Europe in Autumn

The summer is over, but it doesn’t mean the traveling is over. In autumn the world looks a little different and even more interesting.

The cities of Europe change the colors and shades of nature, but their world-famous sights remain the same. There are some cities of the Old World that are a must-visit in autumn. Why not go there?