Brian Bae is a local tour guide in Seoul, Korea, Republic of, who speaks 한국어 (native), 中文, English

Brian Bae
First visit: 08 April 2023
Last visit: 23 August 2023
Seoul, Korea, Republic of
한국어 (native), 中文, English
since 2016
anywhere in Korea..including~Seoul,Seoul Suburban area,Incheon,Andong,Pohang,Gyeongju,Gangneung (the host city for the 2018 winter Olympic games),Sokcho,Busan, Yeosu,Suncheon,Mokpo,Gwangju,Damyang(Bamboo field), Boseong(Green tea field),Jeonju(the city of traditional food) also i can take you where only local people enjoy~
Hello this is Brian(Korean)...Freelance tour guide in Korea and of course 100% pure Korean..who can speak well in English and Chinese~and also i can take you besides the hidden places around Korea~
not only for Seoul and Jeju
such as Andong,Yeosu,Suncheon,Gangleung,Sokcho,Gyeongju,Busan,Pohang,Chuncheon(nami island,legoland),Gunsan etc
and also you could experience the real Korean lifes how they live by using public transportation
traffic cards will be provided for free of charge...if you hire me as a tour guide and also i can customize your suitable Korea travel itinerary and your taste...
the guide fee can be accepted for US Dollars or Korean won
pls contact to me who are only less than 10 people per group

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