Brigitta Zemba is a local tour guide in Budapest and the surrounding area

Brigitta Zemba
First visit: 12 August 2019
Last visit: 27 April 2023
Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian (native), German, English
since 2019
Hello, I'm Brigitta, an enthusiastic, licensed tourist guide organizing special private Jewish heritage and Budapest sightseeing tours. I would like to show you the main attractions of Budapest as well as hidden gems, along with some stories you cannot find in guidebooks. As a member of a Jewish family, I can give the best experience while staying accurate. I have permission to lead tours inside the Dohány Synagogue, which is the second largest synagogue in Europe, so you can visit it with me, with your private guide. If you would like, we can visit also the hidden places like abandoned cemeteries, prayer rooms or mikvahs. We can visit the Buda Castle District which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We will have a nice walk among nice baroque style buildings through the small cobblestone streets. You will hear how the castle was built and designed and historical stories about the medieval Buda and the Jewish community of the 14th century. If you have a dog, don't leave him/her at your hotel room, book my dog-friendly tour and enjoy the sightseeing with your four-legged friend. As a dog owner, I can show you dog-friendly restaurants or cafés too. If you would like to taste Hungarian food, we can have lunch in an excellent traditional restaurant which is popular among the locals and you cannot find in travel guide books. We can make a gastronomy tour visiting the market halls in Budapest. If you'd like to have a bike tour around the lake Velence, the third biggest lake in Hungary, I can arrange it for you. It can be a half or full day tour depending on our program (tasting of Hungarian palinka/wine, lunch in a Hungarian Csárda, visiting a spa or swimming in the lake). If you need help in the reservation of restaurants, booking of programs, purchase of tickets, I will help you with that too. Who do I recommend my tours for? For those who would like to get a personal and everlasting experience. If you prefer tours with a smaller group and would like to spend your time seeing only the things you are most interested in. If you would like to be alone only with your partner or with your family members or friends, I would be happy to tailor the tour to your needs. As all the programs are private, organized for small groups, changes can be made even during the tour. If you feel tired, we can have a rest or drink some coffee. The most important thing is to have a wonderful time during the walking tour. I hope to see you soon! Your guide to be, Brigitta
My name is Brigitta Zemba Ladányiné, I am a licensed tourist guide providing tailor made tours in English, German and Hungarian languages. I have permission from the Hungarian Jewish Community to lead tours inside the Dohány Synagogue.
I graduated from the College of International Management and Business where I studied English and German Languages. I have economic translator and international marketing management degrees. I offer ordinary and specialized professional translations as well.

I live very close to Budapest, have three children and a very active dog. She can be my „co-guide” on your request. Although she doesn’t speak too much, she is friendly with humans and well socialized with other dogs and she loves children.
Walking in Budapest and exploring new things is great, I never get bored of it. Budapest is a beautiful city where you can find hidden places, interesting, sometimes touching, melancholic stories. As a passionate local tourist guide I would like to show you the main attractions of Budapest as well as some hidden gems, along with some stories you cannot find in guidebooks. . In addition to visiting the architectural masterpieces, we can discover the memories of the Roman times, the atmosphere of cafés of the 19th Century, the flourishing time between the two world wars, the destruction caused by the Second World War, the tragic times of the holocaust, the events of 1956 and the absurdity of the communist system. We can follow how the city developed. I can tell you about the local Jewish community, culture and traditions. We can visit churches, synagogues and museums, find hidden synagogues and see temporary or permanent exhibitions.​

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