Brown Simkonda is a local tour guide in Lilongwe, Malawi speaking English (native)

Brown Simkonda
First visit: 28 April 2018
Last visit: 21 March 2024
Lilongwe, Malawi
English (native),
since 2014
I offer group tours and customised tours at an affordable rate in Malawi and other neighbouring countries. WAYNE B ECO TOURS is the ideal for you and your partner.
I'm a professional, passionate, friendly and trustworthy local tour guide, young and energetic . your satisfaction is my first priority. Explore Malawi and beyond with me today and everyday.

Malawi is a great choice for a well-rounded safari holiday. Dubbed ‘the warm heart of Africa’, it’s an amazing country to visit for people wanting to experience African life, culture, scenery and wildlife. Malawi isn’t a prime wildlife destination where people fly in and out of parks and hardly interact with the local people or get a feel for general life – it’s quite the opposite. So, if your interest in Africa goes beyond the quintessential African safari, Malawi might well be the country for you.

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