Dejana Baosic is a local tour guide in Podgorica, Montenegro speaking Srpski (native), English

Dejana Baosic
First visit: 03 April 2018
Last visit: 23 March 2024
Podgorica, Montenegro
Srpski (native), English,
since 2014
Welcome to Montenegro! Come explore the Jewel of the Balkans with local guide, Dejana Baosic. Join me, a native of our capital Podgorica, and you’ll discover our untouched nature and rich cultural heritage. It is my pleasure to welcome you to my homeland and share with you what we have to offer.
I am a licensed tour guide and tour manager of Montenegro. Having received my degree in tourism, she first started to work as a guide in 2008 by leading tours for secondary school students throughout Europe. As a tour manager, I have led tours to the nearby Balkan countries of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Greece. Having become a licensed tour guide of Montenegro in 2014, I have been leading English tours of her country to tourists, including the Chinese delegation in 2015 and the Turkish delegation in 2016. Proud of my country and people, I would love to share my home of Montenegro with you!

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