Ebrahim Norodien is a local tour guide in Johannesburg, South Africa, who speaks English (native)

Ebrahim Norodien
First visit: 30 January 2019
Last visit: 07 May 2024
Johannesburg, South Africa
English (native),
since 2007
Embark on a journey of discovery with me "Ebrahim" your experienced guide to the wonders of South Africa. With a passion for adventure and a deep love for this diverse country, I specialise in crafting immersive experiences that showcase the best of South Africa's landscape, wildlife and cultures. My services includes airport transfers, meet and greet, pre and post conference tours, culture tours, game drives, day tours and package tours.
As a certified guide with years of experience, I provide insightful commentary, expert navigation and personalised attention to ensure that every moment of your journey is enriching and memorable. With a commitment to responsible tourism, I prioritise the well-being of both travellers and the environment, promoting sustainable practices and supporting local communities along the way.

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