Elizabeth Danckwerts is a local tour guide in Cape Town, South Africa, who speaks English (native)

Elizabeth Danckwerts
First visit: 28 June 2021
Last visit: 01 February 2022
Cape Town, South Africa
English (native),
since 2017
I offer a range of tours to suit you. I can design tours around your likes and dislikes or needs. Animals, the beauty of nature, the must do's, wine, history, amusement and all the splendors in-between.
I was born in South Africa. I speak one of the African languages (Xhosa). I also do a lot of volunteer community work and particularly in the township focusing on education and medical. The townships are a reality of our lives. I also love doing tour guiding work as this puts me in touch with people. I am a peoples person. I also love nature and natural beauty. I like taking you away from queues and to the little known places to experience the true South Africa and local things and flavours. I like taking you to the hidden places that most tourists and guides would not take you to (eg to find the best sea life). I found out that I needed to become a tour guide when I was organising conferences for a living. I have worked all my life and have many and varied fields that I have covered over my life time. Nothing beats the practical experience of living and having lived a full life. I do not feel my age. There is still too much to do in life and accomplish for myself and others. I am double vaccinated and have had my booster.

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