Elly Kimaro is a local tour guide in Moshi, Tanzania, United Republic of, who speaks English (native), Deutsch, French

Elly Kimaro
First visit: 10 January 2023
Last visit: 20 May 2024
Moshi, Tanzania, United Republic of
English (native), Deutsch, French
since 2006
I organize Mount Kilimanjaro hiking, Tanzania Safaris and Beach Holidays under Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures. Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures is the registered Tanzania Local Tour Operator Company located in Moshi Town Kilimanjaro Region. The company is legally recognized by the government business registration and Operation Authorities and Agencies to cater Tanzania inbound travelers for their holidays in Tanzania i.e TANAPA. The company is one of the sustainable tourism companies on focusing of satisfying the present generation while conserving for the resources for the future generation. It being a classic tour company, we mainly focus on providing unique experiences for traveler’s holiday based on Adventures tours Mountain Climbing, Wildlife Safari Tour, Beach Holidays, Cultural and historical visits, other day trips excursions around the traveler’s arrival destination. The company caters the inbound travelers to all of Tanzania Majestic destinations. Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures will make you experience Tanzania destinations in a very unique and your tasty manner. Allow us to show you around is this fantastic destination with a unique means of giving you a life time memorable experience.
My name is Elly Thomas Kimaro; an experienced Mount Kilimanjaro Local Tour Guide and Managing director of Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures and Safaris.
I was born and raised in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and I am an experienced guide on Mount Kilimanjaro. I spend my lifetime guiding hikers on Mount Kilimanjaro. I studied wildlife management and mountain guide. My environmental interest along with love of life and my curiosity for meeting people from all over the world led me to become both a Safari and a Mountain Guide. I have climbed Kilimanjaro as a chief guide more than 100 times. I have participated at an equal number of walking and camping safaris at national parks in East Africa. I have been organizing journeys in East Africa for over 8 years as a private guide until I started Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures. My vision was to create a company that would combine my respect for nature along with traveling and creating work opportunities for the local people. In 2022 Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures has built a knowledgeable and experienced working team, leading groups from all over the world.

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