Francesco Casalini is a local tour guide in Florence, Italy speaking Italiano (native), English, French

Francesco Casalini
First visit: 12 August 2018
Last visit: 23 August 2020
Florence, Italy
Italiano (native), English, French,
since 1993
My licence and expertise cover all the museums and monumental areas of Florence and its Province. I supply WALKING TOURS of Florence as well as detailed and specific visits of museums. I can customize the tour to your specifications, combining the Arts and History of Florence with wine tastings, artisan's workshops, food experiences.... Kids are welcomed but my tours are tailored for adults and mature teenagers.
My name is Francesco, I am a Florentine and Florence is, and has always been, the center and focus of my life.

This is the place where I was born and raised, where I studied Foreign Languages and Literature at the university, where I got married and where I became a father.
I lived and worked in Paris and London, afterward I started teaching in schools for students studying abroad.

In 1993, the municipality held a Tourist Guide License competition; I was the 14th out of more than a thousand candidates. At that moment, my passion for the history of my city turned into my job.

A passionate vision of the art, the past, the present, the economy, the tradition of Florence is what I seek to deliver you, and the role that my city played in creating the modern world.
There was a time when Florence was "the school of the world"; it is that time I'll try to make alive. Listen with me the whispers of the silent testimonials of that glorious era, in the museums, the squares, and the streets.

Since I have been working as a Guide for some 25 years long and I met so many customers with very different expectations, I am quite confident of being able to satisfy yours too.

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