Fredrick Chikima is a local tour guide in Loo, Tanzania, United Republic of speaking English (native), Deutsch

Fredrick Chikima
First visit: 31 January 2022
Last visit: 02 August 2022
Loo, Tanzania, United Republic of
English (native), Deutsch,
since 1992
It is a great pleasure to invite you to discover the magical world of Real Life Adventure Travels. We are a registered, Tanzania Local Tour Company based in Moshi town, the foot of Kilimanjaro. We’ve organized tours in Tanzania since 2008 specializing in customized, Private Tanzania tour experiences. Real Life Adventure Travel Limited (RLAT LTD) was founded by Freddie Chikima, an experienced Local Kilimanjaro guide with a successful history in the East Africa tourism and wildlife sectors. His goal is to share Africa’s beauty and deliver unforgettable African adventures for every client. We are well known for our best Tanzania Adventure Holidays, which includes planning of Kilimanjaro climbs, Tanzania Safari Wild Adventures and Zanzibar Safaris. As travelers today seek to move away from the standard tourist circuits and leave Africa with a deeper understanding of the local culture, we work with our clients to thoughtfully design wildlife and cultural dream adventures that take them into authentic Africa. Our goal is to give our clients an insider’s view of East Africa while at the same time helping the people and communities. A percentage of each booking goes back into the local communities to fund self-sufficiency programs like sewing schools and other vocational training. Over the years, our customer base has grown rapidly to include the likes Private group tours to Tanzania, Honeymooners vacationers to Tanzania, Private Kilimanjaro hikers and multi-national corporations’ treks and safaris as a result, you will almost certainly want to return for a second excursion, as a Real Life Adventure Travel holiday will most likely be the trip of your life. Let us create the best possible tailor-made African experience for you.
My Name is Fredrick S. Chikima (Freddie) I am the owner and Managing
Director of Real Life Adventure Travel LTD in Tanzania located in Kilimanjaro region
I was born and raised in a small rural village called Mbahe at marangu area on the slopes of mountain Kilimanjaro, growing up in this particular area I felt in love with the nature and that’s where i discovered my passion and interest of exploring and tourism in general.

I always wondered what it felt by sharing the epitome beauty of my country through different tourist attraction and wonders found in my country, whereby a guest will be able to have an insight view of my country and meet our people through different experiences that are rich in culture, traditions customs and norms.
Through the passion and interests I had for nature it abundantly led me into sharing the knowledge and love i have for this beautiful land with all people across the world.So I became involved in tourism activities professionally as a mountain guide in several companies in Tanzania guiding many adventure groups on mountain Kilimanjaro, MT Kenya, Argentina and the United States of America for 18 years.
Real Life Adventure Travel specializes in organizing custom/private Mountain Climbs, Wildlife safaris, trips to the spice island of Zanzibar, Cultural tourism, eco-tourism, hotel bookings and reservations within Tanzania mainland and all over East Africa.
I started Real Life Adventure Travel LTD on January 08, 2009 with the aim of providing my clients with the most welcoming inside view of my country like no outsider can as we are passionate about the exploration of the wild, natural and cultural rich places that my country offers through very reliable and trusted services that we provide to our guests as we ensure to reach their expectations and go beyond through accountability, reliability and transparency to our guest we practice better leadership that is conducted in good ethics and moral supports to all races while at the same time helping the community around us for a better opportunity in life.
It is part of our mission to give back to the communities where our staff comes from.
A percentage of each booking goes back into the local communities to fund self-sufficiency programs like sewing schools and other vocational training institutions that we support.

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