Fritz Vila is a local tour guide in Surabaya, Indonesia, who speaks Bahasa Indonesia (native), English

Fritz Vila
First visit: 05 May 2019
Last visit: 04 June 2019
Surabaya, Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia (native), English,
since 2018
I am a local tour guide for destinations in Java Island, Indonesia. I have been traveling in many places on the Island so that I know exactly what you need for your trip in Java. Various destinations such as beautiful beaches, pristine Islands, Volcanoes to hike and many more are our strong points. Explore the local culture of each region in Java and be a part of it will surely be the best experience for your trip. Not to forget the delicasy special culinary tourism that will blow your tounge.
I am a resourceful traveler, local culinary enthusiast, history explorer, and a well English speaking tour guide. Always enjoy meeting new friends and love to share travel stories

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