Premium Account for a Tour Guide

GuidesFinder Premium Is an opt-in, paid subscription that offers additional features to improve your experience on GuidesFinder.

A Premium Account offers several useful features not available for tour guides in the free basic account level:

    • ability to receive by email the text of the "I need a guide!" announcements 24 hours before their publication on the GuidesFinder bulletin board
    • ability to create and advertise your tours on GuidesFinder ("My Tours" tab with a list of excursions in the guide's profile);
    • possibility to publish promotional articles on GuidesFinder;
    • displaying the guide's profile in the premium guides slider on the main page of GuidesFinder;
    • displaying all contact details of the guide on his/her page;
    • guide's photo stands out with an orange frame.

A Premium Account is available by subscription and to be purchased for the specified period. Within that specified period, all the benefits of the Premium Account are available.

Should you have any questions, please see FAQ for Tour Guides or write a message to us.

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Premium Account for a Tour Guide