Hamed Hakimi is a local tour guide in Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran speaking پارسی (native), English, العربية

Hamed Hakimi
First visit: 02 August 2019
Last visit: 24 June 2023
Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran
پارسی (native), English, العربية
since 2013
I can guide and manage your trip across my country. Cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Qom, Yazd, Kashan are my most preferred destinations. I speak English and Arabic fluently and my native language is Farsi.
Dear visitors of Iran, Hello! As a tour-guide I started my job more than 5 years ago to be at the service of tourists who visit Iran and My City Isfahan to show them the beauties of this unique country and speak about the attractions of it and share the information that normally tour-guides do not share with you. My current goal is to show a true picture of what is going on in Iran. I would like tourists hear the different voice of Iranians which the media do not broadcast to them.

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