Ivan DE-LA-TORRE is a local tour guide in Strasbourg, France speaking Español (native), English, French, Português

First visit: 15 August 2018
Last visit: 12 March 2024
Strasbourg, France
Español (native), English, French, Português
since 2017
I invite you to discover the Alsatian region, a unique land located at the heart of the Upper Rhine Valley, where the Germanic culture meets the Romance one. A coveted land by two of the most powerful nations in Western Europe, which left their influence on local culture, architecture, traditions and speech. Today, it's proud of its European vocation on the heart of the Rhineland region and its capital city is the parliamentarian capital of the European Union. My tours are the best option to discover this land, always going with a licensed guide. You will have an unforgettable and unique experience!
I am Ivan a State-Licensed and Graduated Tourist Guide in Alsace region (France).

Alsace is my adopted region, but I love it as if I was born here. I like to promote it and share it with my guests. I have a special affection to this land because it is the birthplace of my mother, but also because of the particularities of its culture, its history and its cuisine which captured me.

In my guided tours, I like to talk about history and anecdotes, but with a funny touch. I know you are not looking for a master class, neither for a comedy show. I want you to have a nice moment with me while you discover amazing things!

I love to share with my guest, although I also love when my guests participate in the tour, asking me for interesting questions or teaching me new things from their place, for example.

One of my hobbies, in addition to learn new info about Alsace, is learning languages. I fluently speak five languages: English, French, Castilian Spanish, European Portuguese and Catalan.

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