Jan Chow is a local tour guide in Singapore, Singapore speaking English (native), 中文, 日本語

Jan Chow
First visit: 03 May 2024
Last visit: 03 May 2024
Singapore, Singapore
English (native), 中文, 日本語
since 2018
Not your usual drowsy, sleep-inducing tourist guide regurgitations. Here we approach guiding just like how you'd receive friends whom you have not met in years, and you want to show them the best time in your city.
Jan has spent time living in Thailand and Japan and is now back in Singapore with fresh eyes (and ears) for anything pertaining to Singapore's heritage, culture and the community. As someone who’s travelled extensively, his cultural sensibilities extend beyond the shores of this little red dot. He enjoys answering questions and sharing his honest perspectives of Singapore.

A fervent believer of the need to minimise our footprint during our short stay on this lovely planet, Jan is never found without his reusable bowls, cups and utensils that he faithfully carts around. Join him on a tour and see how he tries to keep green when showing local and foreign visitors around!

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