Jana Formankova is a local tour guide in Stráž nad Nežárkou, Czech Republic speaking Čeština (native), Deutsch, English

Jana Formankova
First visit: 05 November 2019
Last visit: 05 November 2019
Stráž nad Nežárkou, Czech Republic
Čeština (native), Deutsch, English
since 2010
There is secret history hidden in the heart of Europe - in the Czech Republic. But you can’t read about it in official books. My mission is to tell and to show you the real story of it.
I love my motherland, its history and nature. That’s why I help the visitors to discover, how beautiful The Czech Republic is.

During my studies at the university in Germany I became an expert for history, arts and culture. Since 2004 I work in the tourist industry and my professional tourist guide experience started at 2010.

Let us visit the old-fashioned towns, castles and villages in the south of Bohemia near to the border with Austria. Let us knock on the gate of time to hear the legacy of the Slavs.

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