Jean-Luc Montembault is a local tour guide in Cognac, France speaking French (native), English

Jean-Luc Montembault
First visit: 16 August 2016
Last visit: 02 January 2024
Cognac, France
French (native), English,
since 2005
Experience the cognac away from the beaten track touring the vineyard meeting wine-growers and distillers, visiting cooperages, tasting amazing cognacs from old families. My offers : excursions, masterclasses, stays in the vineyard for individuals and small groups.
Cognac is the word that defines a spirits, a city and a vineyard, in fact the largest vineyard of AOC white wines in the world, where is located the highest concentration of traditional distilleries in the world.

Tasting a cognac is nice, visiting the town of cognac and its famous trading houses is a good idea.

But the one who does not tour the vineyard is missing the real experience : meeting distillers whose families have been wine growers for generations.

I am a \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Cognac Educator\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and expert certified by the BNIC (Professional Office of Cognac), living in a small village located in the heart of the vineyard of Cognac, with distillers as neighbors

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