Jefri Kalangit is a local tour guide in Manado, Indonesia speaking Bahasa Indonesia (native), English

Jefri Kalangit
First visit: 13 September 2018
Last visit: 13 September 2018
Manado, Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia (native), English
since 2013
Im guiding for tour on Manado North Sulawesi for tour islands (Bunaken, Siladen diving, snorkeling) Land tour (Tangkoko national park, Volcano Mountain, Higland Minahasa, etc)
Hello,, My name is Jefri and welcome to my tour guide profile on Guide Finder

I have been working as a tour guide in Manado since 2011 and i have a licence from local goverment for guiding, live in Bitung city its 1 our from Manado, I'm holding a tourist or local people to see more close north sulawesi

I can help you to design a special itinerary during your stay in Manado according to your interests and needs.

My hobby is travelling, snorkeling, goto beach and small island, sometimes diving, trekking to mountain, jungle, nature and ofcourse music.,, so I can guide you to see more in North Sulawesi and you wont believe how amazing they are ! And i have a licence for guiding in north sulawesi

I am learning to speak English and can learn you to speak bahasa Indonesia :)

So contact me and lets explore North sulawesi together

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