Joao Mendes is a local tour guide in Sé Nova, Santa Cruz, Almedina e São Bartolomeu, Portugal speaking Português (native), English, French

Joao Mendes
First visit: 29 August 2018
Last visit: 07 December 2019
Sé Nova, Santa Cruz, Almedina e São Bartolomeu, Portugal
Português (native), English, French
since 2012
I offer original free walking tours in Coimbra. I explore beautiful, lesser known places, and some famous sites with little-told but fascinating stories. My tours: Gardens Tour - Saturday and sunday, at 10 pm. French Invasion Tour - Sunday, at 6 am. Left bank of the Mondego River Tour - Saturday, at 6 pm.
I born and i live in Coimbra. I got a degree in antropologhie and a master’s degree in management and programing of cultural heritage at the university of Coimbra). I did a curricular internship in the monastery of santa clara-a-velha (among other functions, I was a tour guide), and a professional internship (one year) at the Ruas Association (an entity that, in tune with Coimbra City Hall and the University of Coimbra, works in the promotion, management and dynamization of the world heritage zone of the city).

In June 2015, I began to make guided walking tours around the city. Since then, I have helped to get to know Coimbra several tourists of different nationalities.

Currently performing functions in the education sector. For this reason, I only do guided tours in Coimbra at the weekend (preferably at 10am and 6pm, however, if you prefer at other times, we can try to schedule
). My routes have an original and different approach to the city. I try to explore new perspectives (historical), and never forgetting some of the emblematic places, I also try to present some fascinating places that the tourist usually does not know.

At the moment I do services without collaborating with any entity. I have a facebook page where I share some photos of the visits made and other news, called "Discover Now Coimbra" - Facebook.

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