Jorge Davidson is a local tour guide in Accra, Ghana speaking English (native)

Jorge Davidson
First visit: 22 April 2024
Last visit: 22 April 2024
Accra, Ghana
English (native),
since 2020
As a tour guide with over 3 years of experience, I possess a unique blend of skills and qualities that make me exceptional at their job. Here are some specialties that define me: I am well-versed in the history, culture, and significant landmarks of Ghana. I continuously update my knowledge to provide accurate and insightful information to my guests. I am passionate and genuinely enjoy sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others. My passion is contagious and helps create a memorable experience for my guests. I can adapt my tour itinerary and presentation style to accommodate my guests, ensuring everyone has a fulfilling experience.
I am Jorge Davidson by the Government but prefer to use my indigenous name ETORNAM, which is an EWE name meaning "He has heard or responded to me". I am a Certified tour guide I was honored with over 3 years of guiding guests through the fascinating cities of Ghana with accurate and adequate knowledge about Ghana.

I develop itineraries depending on guest preferences, health, and desires. Booking of hotels, transportation, and suitable restaurants stress will not burden you because I will take care of those aspects as well.

Africa as a whole has rich cultural, historical and arts that the world needs to experience and witness, and that is my drive to guide people to all these amazing places and to participate in these as well. As a certified guide, I love rendering fascinating historical details, with lots of humor, I have designed excursions that captures imagination of guests, while offering a lot of flexibility to accommodate preferences, desires, and health.
The tours I offer include medical research, historical, adventure, wildlife safari, cultural exchange, pleasure and romance, and city tours, and all these are tailored to your preference, health, and desire.

The moment you touch down on the soil of the motherland, you are my guest and I will schedule your tours to meet all your needs and budgets.

Booking my tours, these are the services included:

- Airport Pick up and Drop off
- Transportation
- Entrance Fees
- Logistics

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