Josianne Schembri is a local tour guide in Attard, Malta speaking English (native), Español, Italiano

Josianne Schembri
First visit: 02 November 2019
Last visit: 10 October 2020
Attard, Malta
English (native), Español, Italiano
since 2013
I offer half day (4 hours) and full day tours (8 hours). Since I am a licenced guide I can take people everywhere, depending on the guest/s request.
I am a professional licenced tourist guide for the last 6 years in Maltese, English, Italian and Spanish.

My tours can take you back in time, as early as the Ice Age Period and continue through the Prehistoric Period. But it will not be just that. Malta is famous for being the land which hosted the Hospitaller Knights for over 200 years and was for 179 years under the British Colony.
Being a native from Malta, I will be able to take you around what represent various periods in Maltese History.

For sure, by the end of the tours one will learn a few words in Maltese which is the official language.

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