Private tour guide in Tirana who speaks Русский (native), English, Ελληνικά - Karina Mustachko

Karina Mustachko
First visit: 26 June 2021
Last visit: 25 April 2022
Tirana, Albania
Русский (native), English, Ελληνικά
since 2018
I will show you Albania as it is, with all the hidden treasures, secrets and wonders. It's history is too rich not to be told about. Starting from early illirians and up until now every historical layer has its own lagacy.
My name is Karina and I'm ukrainian who's madly in love with Albania and Greece. I studied languages at university and worked as an english teacher for some time before I decided to change something in my life.
I started from Greece (as my second foreign language is Greek), then I met some people who showed me the country of Eagles - Albania, where I currently live and enjoy my work.

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