Larisa Skaleric is a local tour guide in Ljubljana, Slovenia speaking Slovenski (native), English, Italiano

Larisa Skaleric
First visit: 18 November 2021
Last visit: 22 November 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), English, Italiano
since 2015
As a certified Ljubljana guide and a guide with a licence for guiding in Slovenia I do my job with great passion and joy. What I love the most about my job is that I can take visitors from across the globe around my beloved city. Originally from Ljubljana I can offer some facts and stories about everyday life of the capital. Knowing the town well I do recommend only the best places to eat, drink, entertain and relax. It’s a pleasure to me when I can help with any further information. I offer Ljubljana 2 hour and 3 hour guided tours of the city centre. Besides the city centre we can visit the castle of Ljubljana or discover Ljubljanica river embankments with a boat trip. It would be my great pleasure to show you Plečnik's Ljubljana. The world famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik (1872-1957) made Ljubljana look unique. The multitude of his creations in the city, referred to as a whole as "Plečnik's Ljubljana", is considered to be one of the 20th century's most important total works of art. For those who would like to explore the surroundings of Ljubljana I organise a 3 hour guided bicycle tour. I am also a licenced guide for Slovenia which means I can offer a range of tours, depending on your particular interests.
Hello, I am Larisa Skalerič. Let me welcome you to Slovenia!

I was born and raised in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. I speak Italian and English, I’m interested in reading, studying languages, jogging, yoga practise, exploring the nature, traveling and of course I love tourist guiding.

In 1999 I graduated in Archaeology at the University of Ljubljana what gave me a profound knowledge of history of the town. In the meantime I was studying Italian language and Italian culture.

In 2015 I decided to combine my interest in languages, archaeology, art and history with my knowledge of Ljubljana and became an authorized guide of the city.

It seems important to me that I am always up to date on current events and attractions in the city and interesting facts in various fields. I strive for guiding that is interactive and allows visitors to participate and also express their opinion.
I’m passionate about sharing with my guests the colourful and unique history of Ljubljana. What I like the most is the combination of the modern city, old town and the vicinity of nature.
I am also a licenced guide for Slovenia which means I can offer a range of tours, depending on your particular interests.
When visiting Slovenia, visitors are impressed by its vibrant history, beautiful nature, rich culture, very delicious food and good wine.

Without doubt, Slovenia is a “must-see” as an European destination.
Welcome to Slovenia!

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