Larni Vink is a local tour guide in Alberton, South Africa speaking English (native), Deutsch

Larni Vink
First visit: 21 February 2016
Last visit: 13 March 2024
Alberton, South Africa
English (native), Deutsch,
since 2010
The best of what most visitors to South Africa would love to see. So...Kruger National Park to Cape Town and as much as possible along in between with some off the regular tourist route stops. Personalized tours and safari's tailormade to suit you! Private Freelance Guide! Specialist Nature Guide.
Born in Phalaborwa, South Africa...the central main gate to the Kruger National Park where I spent my childhood. After High School I served in the SA Defence Force as a Pathfinder for 2 years. Then I started an internship as a forest ranger which, as we all know in life, led me down many path! After almost 22 years working in the South African bush, as well as the privilege of being born and raised in it, learning to love everything in it...large and small. I gained vast bushcraft experience ranging from tracking, anti-poaching, animal behaviour basic ecology. There is a saying from the Massai Warriors of the Serengeti - "Africa is not simply a is a living experience by which the privileged few who live here have been touched". LANGUAGES: Afrikaans, Zulu

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