Lorenzo DeBenedictis is a local tour guide in Bari, Italy speaking Italiano (native), Deutsch, English, Español

Lorenzo DeBenedictis
First visit: 27 November 2018
Last visit: 10 May 2024
Bari, Italy
Italiano (native), Deutsch, English, Español,
since 2009
I offer the possibility to be guided and transported to the most beautiful region of Southern Italy, Puglia, to discover the capital, Bari, the UNESCO Alberobello, Castel del Monte and Matera (Basilicata), the magnificent Trani, and the baroque Salento and the stupendous Ionian and Adriatic coasts, with Lecce, Galatina, Otranto and Gallipoli
"To enjoy the land with all your senses!" - That is one of my most important principles for over 9 years, when I am traveling with tourists in my native Apulia. Whether on foot or as a driver - thanks to my studies and my certification as a tourist guide, it is a great pleasure for me to offer German-speaking and Spanish-speaking guests a wide range of excursion opportunities. Sometimes I also do it on my imperfect English in need, but usually in German and Spanish. Both Puglia as well as Basilicata and also the Amalfi Coast (Campania) are among my specialties. My many years of experience in working with many different travel agencies help me over and over again, to improve my work and to develop it further because I care about the wishes and concerns of the guests. I am pleased to welcome you to Puglia.

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