Maja Kiselinovska is a local tour guide in Ohrid and the surrounding area

Maja Kiselinovska
First visit: 24 January 2019
Last visit: 20 August 2019
Ohrid, Macedonia
Македонски (native), Bosanski , English, Hrvatski, Srpski
since 2014
Ohrid Walking Tour, as well the tours around Macedonia.... And some parts of Albania...
In order to make your holidays even more authentic i offer you a selection of exciting excursions and adventure activities like explore Macedonian cities , Ohrid Lake , National Parks , boat trips and much more...
Republic of Macedonia is unique and specific in so many things. Land with great history,untouched nature, churches, monasteries and mosques with great cultural and historical meaning. Irresistible food, quality wines, hospitality by the locals....are just few of the things that you must see, taste and feel. I guarantee great time with lots of stories and interesting information with great people around you. It will be my pleasure to be your host in Macedonia....see you !

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