Majid Tasolorafa is a local tour guide in Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran, who speaks پارسی (native), English

Majid Tasolorafa
First visit: 28 August 2018
Last visit: 24 May 2023
Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran
پارسی (native), English,
since 2008
Eco-Tours,Adventure Tours,Desert Tours,Mountain Climbing,Mountain Biking,Transportation,Hotel Booking, Tours all around Iran.
My name is Majid. My major is tourism management and I am an Eco-tour guide and also work as a Tour consultant and tour planner for a travel agency. I've traveled through the nature of Iran for more than 10 years. Climb high mountains (more than 4000 meters) of Iran, hiking and cycling through deserts of Iran. Crawl across deep cavies, etc. Thanks to a decade experience, today I organize special adventure tours for my clients and those who are eager to have different experience in different places.
I've passed some related course such as: "First Aid & Rescue" under license of Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
"Mountaineering, Snow, Rock Climbing, Mountain Medicine, Navigation, GPS and Mountain Weather" under license of Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation.
"Eco-Tour Guide" under license of Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization.
My duty is expanding my skills and abilities in my job so learning and researching are going on.
I have to add, according to geographical location of Iran, there are lots of natural attractions that make variety of activities .So if you want to have a new experience in a new place, I'll say welcome.
I would be pleased and proud to serve you in this case.

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