Private tour guide in Ancient Olympia who speaks Ελληνικά (native), German, English - MARIA LOUKARIDOU

First visit: 23 February 2018
Last visit: 01 November 2018
Ancient Olympia, Greece
Ελληνικά (native), German, English
since 1990
Explore the highlights of Olympia with the help of a professional lecturer – quide. A quided tour give you in short time, an overview of everything. The tour can be arranged to the time available and your expectations.
I am a professional tour guide for 25 years. The last 15 I am living close to Olympia and work in the region of Peloponesse. My education incluse the greek culture, history and history of art. Further degrees in the Orthodox Religion (MA). I was quilified as a tour guide in the greek ministry of Tourism and be licenced be the greek state.

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