Mariam Demetradze is a local tour guide in Tbilisi, Georgia, who speaks ქართული (native), English, Русский

Mariam Demetradze
First visit: 08 July 2022
Last visit: 11 February 2024
Tbilisi, Georgia
ქართული (native), English, Русский
since 2018
I offer to my tourists the Art - Tour what will take place in Old Tbilisi. In addition to master classes in drawing, cloisonne enamel and culinary, tourists will get acquainted with the history and customs of the Tbilisi people and with several main attractions of the capital of Georgia.
I am a practicing lawyer with a passion for art, travel and history. I believe that every trip should be memorable not only for the unique natural and historical features of the place where you are as a tourist, but also for the activities that will help you get closer to the culture of that country, delve into the soul and understand the character of the people living there. Therefore, I always had a desire to think about such activities and experiments, knowing that nothing brings people of different cultures together like an art.

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