Mariam Ghazarian is a local tour guide in Yerevan, Armenia, who speaks English (native), Español, Русский

Mariam Ghazarian
First visit: 16 March 2020
Last visit: 13 November 2022
Yerevan, Armenia
English (native), Español, Русский
since 2003
SERVICES & TOURS I OFFER Bespoke cultural tours throughout Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh) Republic by a luxury transportation with a driver Premium Food & Wine Tours Gourmet Tours accompanied by master classes of old traditional Armenian dishes Tours for Wine Lovers & Professionals Hotel/apartment booking in Yerevan downtown with special rates Transportation rental with a driver Airport pick up & drop off services WHY TO BOOK ME I am one of the rare guides in Armenia who has a Tour Guide License after passing an exam (see it on my profile) I have the most modern high-end cars in Armenia for you during my tours ( see the photos below) I don't drive but work with a professional driver so I can focus on guiding and delivering a more unique travel experience I offer the most refined itineraries including only the best attractions/restaurants/local homes/hotels For almost 16 years I have been guiding in Armenia full time in a constant search of the most perfect of everything to be included in my tours for you Every meal I organize for you is rich in healthy ingredients and you sample only the best traditional Armenian dishes Everything is pre-booked and organized for you in advance! No waiting lines at the attractions or museums! I am very fit, energetic, enthusiastic and fun to travel with
BAREV (Hello!) and a warm welcome to Armenia! :)
My name is Mariam Ghazarian and I am a private tour guide in Armenia & Nagorno Karabakh Republic
I have been a professional tour guide since 2003 and I love it! I got my professional tourist guide license in 2006 (see it on my profile). I studied English Linguistics at Yerevan State University and speak fluent English, Russian and Spanish.
Being a guide in an ancient country like Armenia, such an off-the-map destination, has been allowing me to meet the most wonderful people in the world! My travelers are mostly from the USA, Russia, Europe and Australia looking for exotic adventures and unique experiences.
If you are my guest, make sure you are pampered; you visit the most unique places where a regular tourist doesn't have access, you tour in a modern luxury car, you eat the most delicious food at the most exotic places, you learn everything about Armenia and you have unlimited photo stops and are never rushed. I'm an amateur photographer and I know where to take you so you take the best pictures of your trip!
Being the world's first Christian country the landscape of Armenia is dotted by fairy-tale monasteries and churches, ancient castles tucked away in remote secret places, quaint villages, wineries producing superior quality wines. Together we will explore the hidden treasure of Armenia and you will learn more about this country than you could have imagined. During our tours you will meet the locals and socialize with them, and don't be surprised if they invite you into their homes and share their food with you!
"A guest is the messenger of God", an Armenian proverb…
In Armenia you feel as if you are God because everywhere you are pampered if you are a guest.
I will help you to feel the authentic spirit and see the rich pallette of colors of Armenia with all the contrasts.
I'm very passionate about what I do. Simply IN LOVE with my job. I'm full of energy, enthusiasm and have a good sense of humor. There will be a lot of fun, jokes, adventures… simply a trip you will never forget! The most important thing for me is to see your happy faces and your smile!

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