Mariam Tinashivili is a local tour guide in Tbilisi, Georgia speaking ქართული (native), English

Mariam Tinashivili
First visit: 10 November 2021
Last visit: 18 April 2024
Tbilisi, Georgia
ქართული (native), English,
since 2021
private tours in Georgia
Hello there, My name is Mari Tinashvili and I am a certified tour guide (a story teller as I would prefer to be called). I majored in Culturology and got BA in Arts and Humanities. I have been working as a tour guide since 2016. Hence I spent last 5 years communicating with some amazing people and rediscovering my country. The job takes a lot of skills, including some comprehensive knowledge in history, art and architecture and not to forget being an expert in dinning and night life is a huge part of it. Being born and raised in Tbilisi, I know where all its beauty is hidden. Basically one can find all the gems in details. Have you ever thought how one curve on a balcony decoration can turn a house into a piece of art? Well, that is quite possible if you are walking around the old town in my city. So, why would not you follow me on an adventure in an unknown but sometimes painfully familiar country of contrast and unique history? I will help you to turn unknown places if not into your home, at least into a location you would be willing to return at least once again.

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