Marina Vujicic is a local tour guide in Opatija, Croatia speaking Hrvatski (native), English, Italiano

Marina Vujicic
First visit: 20 April 2018
Last visit: 13 February 2024
Opatija, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, Italiano
since 2018
I'm a new licenced tour guide for Primorje and Gorski Kotar region of Croatia. I'm in love with my city Opatija and surroundings and would love to introduce them to everyone who needs a local guide. I'm available for sight seeing Opatija, medieval towns like Kastav and Veprinac, sightseeing Rijeka and Lovran, excursion to mountain Ucka and many other. I can also take you to wonderful excursions to Istria, to discover all beauties of this peninsula and try best wine and olive oils of Croatia :) I speak Croatian, English and Italian.
Hi everybody! I am Marina and I am going to be your local guide for Opatija. I was born here and I live here, up on the hill, in the small medieval city called Veprinac. I'm really in love with my city and my county and that was one of the reasons I wanted to become a tour guide. I'm not gonna bother you with boring years and facts you're not interested in. I'm gonna tell you about history but I'll tell you also about legends, stories, everyday life and people here, interesting places and restaurants and anything you want to know.
I have studied management in tourism and my work has always been in touch with tourism. Now I work as a receptionist in one hotel in Opatija and I love my job. In my free time I work as a tour guide. I'm always in search of some new adventures, new knowledge and new experiences. I read a lot. I travel whenever I can, whether it's only for a day trip to Istria or islands, or it's a vacation to discover a new country. I have a daughter and I travel with her a lot. Sometimes I don't understand how I can manage it all, But when you love what you do, when there is a will, there is always a way, too.

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