Maya Sandner is a local tour guide in Warsaw, Poland, who speaks English (native)

Maya Sandner
First visit: 17 April 2019
Last visit: 21 October 2020
Warsaw, Poland
English (native),
since 2016
I am very flexible and can accommodate your needs while you are here. Whether you are interested in learning more about Poland's history and culture, or here for business or pleasure, I have you covered! I am available to help you with transportation, take care of your errands, etc. Anything you need please ask. I want to make sure you have a wonderful experience in the heart of Poland that I love.
My name is Maja, and I am so excited to offer private tours in Warsaw, Poland, and the surrounding areas.
I was born in Warsaw and spent 8 years of my childhood in Oregon, USA.
When I came back to Poland from the USA I completely fell in love and I decided to stay and finish high school and what came after that was college and then my first job.
A few years back I started teaching English and at the same time, I started a course for a tour guide in Warsaw to find out about the city as much as I can. I found them both very interesting and that's how I became a teacher and a tour guide. I can't imagine doing anything else. Meeting people is definitely my passion and when I can take them on a stroll around my wonderful city that makes my day.

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