Michael Moik is a local tour guide in Budva and the surrounding area

Michael Moik
First visit: 13 March 2022
Last visit: 13 March 2022
Budva, Montenegro
German (native), English, French, Svenska
since 2012

Do you need a tour guide in Montenegro?

I offer personalized tours of various kinds on the coast and inland of Montenegro in German, English, French and Swedish. I also offer support in finding accommodation. You can book the tour via guidesfinder, my homepage or in person by calling or via WhatsApp. I would also be happy to give you more information about the country, the current (corona) situation and the people in Montenegro in advance.

High quality, reliable & discreet!

Write me your request and I will make you a concrete offer today.


[x] Preparation of offers with travel dates, accommodation, excursion options and the course of your tour or journey, including consultation with the customer

[x] Tours and transportation in Montenegro. Tips for the further course of your journey and independent excursion possibilities

[x] Contact to local landlords and hotels

[x] Check your offers via Booking, AirBnb

[x] Collected travel destinations, cafes, bars and restaurants

[x] Insurance just in case

[x] Fast processing

[x] Payment can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin or Ethereum

During my professional career I had the opportunity to work as a host for the European Central Bank, the German Bundesbank and other big global players. However, I know the value of getting out of a busy daily routine and explore small corners.

Despite being a host and tour guide, I have worked for companies from Austria, France, Germany, the US and Spain.

Guiding experience along the Mediterranean coastline, with a special focus on Montenegro, Spain and the French Côte d'Azur. I used to work as a ski and touring guide in Nepal as well.

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